In an alternate global history, the cold war was decided not by detente, not by nuclear holocaust, but by massive robot invasion. Among the survivors, a team of Russian radio hosts, warmed to a lost culture of 1950s Americana, broadcast a story of brothers’ love drawn straight from the American heartland. “Samuel & Alasdair: A Personal History of the Robot War” combines 1950s radio drama, vintage country music, and Soviet science for a look back in time and forward to what’s next.

*Winner of  2010 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Production of A Play, Outstanding Ensemble, & Outstanding Sound Design. Nominated for Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Sound Design, New York Magazine Top 10 of 2012, New York Times Critic’s Pick, The Independent Theater Bloggers Association  2012 recipient of the Fourth Annual Patrick Lee Theater Blogger Awards Outstanding Off-Off Broadway Play

Performed at The New Ohio, The Brick, & Ars Nova



Text by Marc Bovino & Joe Curnutte, Co-Conceived & Directed by Lila Neugebauer, Co-Created by the Ensemble (Marc Bovino, Joe Curnutte, Michael Dalto & Stephanie Wright Thompson), Set Design by Laura Jellinek, Costume Design by Jessica Pabst, Lighting Design by Mike Inwood, Sound Design by Stowe Nelson, Music Direction by Michael Dalto



“Written by Mr. Bovino and Mr. Curnutte, and fluidly directed by Lila Neugebauer, the show doesn’t burlesque its pop culture sources but honors them. When Ms. Wright Thompson’s Anastasia sings, the music has real power. ”-  New York Times, Rachel Saltz, Critic’s Pic


“This is one of the most smoothly functional theatrical metaphors you’ll have seen in a while, a great, small play about decline and denial and the subtler, unspoken bonds of devotion. Without a crumb of optimism, Samuel & Alasdair is still a spot of warmth in a cold world.”- New York Magazine, Scott Brown


“The show may feel as fragile as a vacuum tube, but it’s actually unbreakably deft- and delightful to its minutest detail… rest assured, you are safe in the hands of some confident new theatrical talents.”- Time Out NY , Helen Shaw, 4 Stars


“…pleasantly eccentric and unexpectedly poignant … the acting is dynamic” -Village Voice, Alexis Soloski


"Far from textbook realism, the Mad Ones simply give us well-executed, spectacular reality." - L Magazine, Eugene Reznik



“Experimental theater collective the Mad Ones concoct an engrossing alternative universe with Samuel & Alasdair…  it’s suspenseful and impeccably performed, proving that The Mad Ones are not so crazy after all.” -flavorpill,  Alyssa Alpine


“Suspenseful, stirring, and surprising from the opening moment straight through to the end, Samuel and Alasdair: A Personal History of the Robot War is a uniquely theatrical, thrilling, and terribly moving show.”- nytheatre.com, Heather McAllister


 "These are three of the most enjoyable performances you will see in New York at the moment, performed in a show that is more satisfying than any of the celebrity circuses playing in midtown." -Showbusiness, Tommy O'Malley

"...If much of the world does get annihilated by an army of ETs, let’s hope there’s something like the Soviet Free Radio Order around to shore up the survivors."-

New York Post, Frank Scheck


“The Mad Ones are crazy, but in the best possible way… As the two stories–then and now–reach a sort of present-day collision, the tension in the theater continues to build, and there’s an earned belief that anything may in fact happen. That’s the sort of freedom that the Mad Ones earn by tackling their own type of story on their own terms, and it results in the best kind of theater: the surprising sort.”- thatsoundscool blog, Aaron Riccio