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Flushing, New York, 1939. It’s been a tremendous summer here at the New York World’s Fair, filled with technological marvels, real life mermaids and those can’t miss show stoppers, the Tremendous Traveling Abbotts. Their arousing soft shoe, swinging musical skill and impeccable timing have left jaws here on the fairgrounds agape in awe. Bravo!

Join The Mad Ones as they pull back the curtain on a tremendous moment in American history and reveal the closing night party of those irascible Abbotts, a tremendous traveling family with an unsettling secret.

* Nominated for NYIT Award for Outstanding Ensemble, Top 10 Show of 2011 according to L Magazine

Performed at The Brick.

Photo Credits for video: William Hereford 



Created by The Mad Ones, Directed by Jeff Withers, Set Design by The Mad Ones, Costume Design by Sydney Gallas, Lighting Design by Mike Inwood, Sound Design by Stowe Nelson, Music Direction by Michael Dalto


“The Mad Ones project is nostalgia—exploring it and creating it—and in an elegant marriage of form and content, The Tremendous Tremendous exists most sweetly in memory… carefully articulated in the service of a heartbreaking cumulative affect.” (4 Stars) TimeOut NY, Helen Shaw

“Watching The Tremendous Tremendous, I felt as if I were hiding in a closet in the Marx Brothers’ dressing room and spying on them as they cavorted backstage, singing, drinking, one-upping, and goofing on each other after a particularly successful vaudeville turn… They’re [The Mad Ones] a remarkable team: inventive, funny, and a consistent kick to watch.” (Critic’s Pick) Backstage, A.J. Mell

“Is it innovative and original or is it uninspired wanking? In theater and far beyond, ‘experimental’ is a dirty word; works billed as such are generally hit-or-miss. The Mad Ones’ production… is unwaveringly on target.”-The L Magazine, Eugene Reznik

“They’re so loose, so utterly convincing, that you’ll feel like a time-traveling party-crashing voyeur (particularly in the intimate space).”-That Sounds Cool, Aaron Riccio

The show is hilarious, moving, and unique.  Go see it, if you can still get tickets.”- Best Of Off Off Broadway World, Duncan Pflaster

“ It’s not hard to imagine that … this elegiac piece can be turned into a Broadway drama.” -Williamsburg Greenpoint News & Arts 

The Tremendous Tremendous is a rich and rewarding work of theatre that transports its audience not only to the time and place where it unfolds but to other locations private and personal to each of us; it kind of magically casts a spell to bring you to a place in your own past where you felt something akin to what you’re witnessing on stage. The Mad Ones, who have only one (much acclaimed) previous credit, are definitely a company to watch.” nytheatre.com, Martin Denton

The Abbotts had a great run at the fair, but now what? This is why so many show people drink. It’s all highs and letdowns. The brilliance of The Mad Ones is in catching the Abbotts at the very moment the pendulum is swinging from the one to the other. Life is so hard, and show business doubly so. So we dance and drink and tell jokes. And then we move on and start it all over again. If we can.”-New York Theatre Review, Carolyn Raship

The Tremendous Tremendous is an engaging and entertaining evening spent with a type of traveling performer that rarely exists these days. It is a well-crafted, engrossing, and exciting piece that brings us into the dynamics of this troupe and also brilliantly captures the feeling of the time.”-Theater is Easy, Dan Fingerman